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August 7th, 2018


The BOD announced today that it approved the CEO’s request to staff up coding specialist to fast track a crypto coin alert indicator. The 1st block chain code-based trading indicator for use on the crypto exchanges of the user’s choice.   


To the BOD’s knowledge, it will be the first block chain code-based trading indicator made specifically for crypto exchanges. Our distribution time line suggests a release of the crypto indicator to the public market by early-fall 2018. The company plans to provide the indicator in an APP format making it adaptable to as many crypto exchanges as possible. Details on pricing and availability will be announced.      

August 2nd 2018


The BOD passed resolutions authorizing the CEO to launch the Kickstarter program as the first and introduction phase of the overall launch of “CINDI” the Company’s new voice alert indicator app. It is anticipated that the introductory price will be $5 per mo. for 3 currencies with a $1 increase for additional currency.

Updates on CINDI are pending.


The BOD passed resolutions charging the CEO to restore the financial status of the Company to current before the end of August 2018.

July 30th 2018

UP DATE POST; 7/30/18; Board Resolution;


On July 30th, 2018 the DTX Board issued a shareholder update indicating that position statements on various company events are pending. Potential subjects include financial filings, advancements on the TradeStation App Store and Subscriber Rebate Program, the new Crypto indicator App and the proposed change of the companies Trade Symbol.


The BOD anticipates additional updates on these issues and other corporate matters by week end.

July 27th 2018


Day TradeXchange; Preps for TRADE STATION App Launch; To Release Archer 5.1; Automatic Dollar Valuation of Pending Order Build Up; Adjustable Threshold Oscillator;


7/27/18; Day TradeXchange ( OTC PINK : SYNJ ) reports that DTX has launched "ARCHER 5.1" featuring the " a powerful upgrade of the earlier "BOW" 5.0 version and co-insides its move to integrate the "ARCHER" algorithm with the Trade Station platform. With an estimated 250,000 subscribers, including institutions, TradeStation is one of the largest and well known trading platforms in the world. It was ranked “Best for Frequent Traders” and “Best for International Traders” by Barron’s, a “Top Five” e-Online Broker and #1 for Equity Trading Tools by Investor’s Business Daily, and is rated Best Trading System by Stocks and Best Trading System for Futures for the 11th consecutive year by Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine. Additional agreements will include becoming a Trade Station App Store Developer and a 100% Client Rebate Program where TS will reimburse DTX subscribers for 100% of our training course subscription fee by discounting the commissions on all their trading activity until they are completely reimbursed. As we sell subscriptions we bring our clients to Trade Station. A win/win for all.

The ARCHER software program is now adaptable to all index markets and individual stock equities like Apple, TESLA or Amazon.  This upgraded version of the original now includes an adjustable oscillator capable of detecting different dollar value thresholds of pending order accumulations. This allows the user to simultaneously track both the pending order positions of hedge funds and institutions (macro scale order accumulations), and the smaller customary pending order accumulations typical in routine wave trading activity.

For example, the trader can now set the pending order accumulation threshold at $10 MM on one chart and $2MM on a second chart. The $10 MM threshold will identify the extreme high or low-price boundaries of the market. These extreme resistance and/or support boundaries are caused by the mass accumulations of pending “buy or sell” orders typical of hedge fund and large banking institution activity. The $2MM chart will give the trader the ability to trade the smaller wave pattern (or stair step pattern), that routinely develops as the general market travels between the outside or extreme price boundaries set by the institutions. “To our knowledge, no other indicator available to Day Trader’s today offers this type of insight to market activity. If you want to have a decent chance of success at day trading, you must know where the institutions (big money), is lining up to buy or sell their contracts. ARCHER lets you see them” said Sorrentino, CEO of Day TradeXchange. We invite everyone to take 2 minutes and click the tab above to watch todays “Trade of the Day”. Visit the DTX You Tube page and you’ll quickly understand what the buzz is all about.


"It's important to understand that we are not switching from NINJA, we are just executing our business strategy and adding a major new component to the service profile of the Day TradeXchange and ARCHER business model. I was quoted by OTC Rockstar back in October 2017 saying, 'ARCHER is currently running on Scottsrade, TD Ameritrade, Trade Station, Option House, Trade King, and all other essential trading platforms, is what we believe we'll soon be saying,'" said Sorrentino, CEO of Day TradeXchange, (OTC Rockstar, October 28th, 2017). "Just executing on our mission statement," added CEO Sorrentino.

When asked to comment, the CEO stated, "To my knowledge, this is one of the most advanced forecasting indicators available to day traders today. It's not that prediction technology hasn't been around. Institutions have had it for years, but this is the first time a non-historical based prediction indicator has been available to the general day trading market. It's a game changer for the non-institutional trader; the regular guy," said Sorrentino, the CEO of Day TradeXchange Inc.

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  • Can I try out your services without joining?

    Yes.  We offer a free trial.  You can go to our homepage and register.

  • How many trades a day can I expect to take in the trading room?

    On average we call between 2 and 6 trades during our two hour trading day, (depending on the market).

  • How will I be trained to use your software? And when can I start using real money?

    You’ll be “TRAINED by the NUMBERS”, daily by the professional DTX traders that manage the trading room.

  • What is Archer software and how is it different from other trading software?

    ARCHER is forecasting software. Today’s trading indicators attempt to predict future price movement based on historical trade data, (trades that have already happened). ARCHER predicts price movement based on trading activity that is about to happen.

  • Do you hold positions over night?

    No.  Day Traders are scalpers. ARCHER has been modified to service the Day Trading Scalping User. We close out all positions before the end of each trading day.

  • How much startup capital will I need to get started?

    While you can start a trading account with as little as $2,000, we recommend $6,000.

  • What do you trade?

    We trade whatever contracts offer the current best volatility and volume.  That usually includes:  CL, 6E and ES.

    But the Archer software can trade effectively on ANY Futures market that can be accessed through NinjaTrader Data.

  • Can a novice trader able to learn how to use this system and trade successfully?

    Yes.  Regardless if you’re a novice or “experienced” trader, we start all new members at the same level. As far as teaching the use of ARCHER, this software will be new to all members regardless of previous experience.  To members new to trading, we also offer training in chart and trading platform set up and operation.

  • Do you help me set up accounts, charts and trading platform? Which broker to you use?

    Yes.  We have technical support that will help you set up your charts, account and trading platform.  We recommend Ninja Trader platform and brokerage.   Our software is designed to set up with NT charts.

  • How do you set your stops?

    Our stops are based on the unique Archer software and the particular reading of data in the market at the time of a contemplated trade.

  • Can we communicate with you in the live trade room?

    Yes.  There is a chat box where you may communicate with the trader.  You will hear the trader via your computer speakers.

  • Can I contact You Directly?

    Yes, If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to call our office at